the "0" Level of Deep Web is

Common Web

Common Web is a simple level used by Everyone, for Example : YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and More.

Level 1 :

Surface Web

Surface Web is also Simple but little more Coded, for Example : Google, Social News and other 2.0 Webs.

Level 2 :

Bergie Web

Bergie Web is last easy Usable Level of Internet, Bergie Web is not 100% Legal like for Example : Pirated Films, Books, Games and more. Bergie Web's Site are for Example : 4Chan, Warez and more Sites like that.

Level 3 :

Deep Web

Deep Web is not Level usable by Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. To get into Deep Web you need Proxys or Gates like : Tor, VPN, Freenet and More. in Deep Web you can find :

-Illegal Porn

-Light CP

and more Paranormal/Cruel stuff.

Level 4 :

Charter Web/Dark Web

Charter Web is more Advaned coded than Deep Web and It's not Easy to get into It. You need to Special Configure

Tor to your Router.

Level 4.5 :

Charter Web:Closed Shell System

CLOSCharter Web is level that Need Closed Shell System (CLOS) without it, You can get into Trouble like : Hacked Computer, DDoSes and More like that.

Level 5 :

Mariana's Web

Mariana's Web is a Mystery Level that Only few Users has got Into it. They are probably Too scared to say What they did saw in there. to get into Mariana's Web you need Quantum Coding/Quantum Computer.

Level 6 :


Level 6 doesn't Exist, probably Somebody created only because 6 was needed.

Level 7 :

The Fog/Virus Soup

The Fog/Virus Soup is something called "Battle Field" like Everyone who get in there, They're trying to stop other one from Getting into Level 8. Like some users Say :

"shit... i don't really know faggot. All i know is that you need to solve quantum mechanics in order to view this on even the normal web, let alone closed servers. Quantum computations exists, and the government powers have then. So be careful what do you here. The best way to describe level 7, would but a war zone. Where it is every man for themselves, where everyone who "made" it here is trying to get to the 8th level and preventing other people from getting there."

Level 8 :

The Primarch System

The Primarch System is something that even Goverment doesn't Control. This is what Controls Internet.

Like users Say :

"level 8 is impossible to access directly. The primarch system is what controls the internet. No government or organization has control of it. Nobody even knows what it is. This system is an anomaly discovered in the 2000 year. It is unresponsive, but sends out unalterable commands to the entrie net, randomly. The entrie others from getting there. level 8 is thought to be separated by a "level 17 quantum tr.001 level function lock", which is virtually impossible for our computers to break."

It like separated by a "Level 17 Quantum tr.001 level Function Lock" Which is Impossible to break by a Normal PC.

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